What Do You Know About Adoption?

Misconceptions and myths surround adoption. Most people aren’t aware of the adoption process and the choices you can make. Choosing adoption is difficult, courageous, and selfless. We want to dispel some of those myths.

Myth #1 Your Child is Raised By Strangers

Nothing can be further from the truth. Adoption plans today allow the expectant or birth mom to choose the potential adoptive family and the future she wants for her child. When working with a reputable adoption agency, women can review the bios of several couples and select the perfect one.

Myth #2 You Never See Your Child Again

The majority of adoptions today are open. With this adoption plan, you can meet the potential adoptive couple even before giving birth. You can contact one another and build a new relationship by exchanging identifying information.

Myth #3 Adopted children Hate their birth mothers

One of the many benefits of open adoption is the opportunity for birth mothers to explain to their child why they chose adoption. It provides a connection to their heritage and a sense of belonging. No parent can guarantee their child will love them, but with openness and honesty comes acceptance.

Myth #4 Birth Mothers Grieve Forever

Indeed, adoption is not an easy choice to make. Grief is a part of the process, but women find peace knowing their child is wanted, loved, safe, and treasured. Finding an adoption agency that puts you first by providing counseling throughout the entire process and beyond is essential.

Types of Adoption

There are three adoption plans. The amount of contact you want with your child and their adoptive family determines your plan.

Open Adoption

You exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, and phone numbers. Since you are choosing the adoptive couple, ensure they are open to communicating with you at the desired level.

Semi-Open Adoption

You have contact with your child and their adoptive family, but a third party, such as your adoption agency or attorney, handles all communication. Your identity remains private, but you are assured your child is loved.

Closed Adoption

If you wish to remain completely anonymous, choose a closed adoption plan. The adoption coordinator you choose selects the adoptive family, and you have no contact. The courts seal the original birth certificate giving you complete privacy.

Beginning The Adoption Process

Begin by talking with us about your situation to see if adoption is the right path for you. We can make referrals to reputable adoption agencies so you can learn more about this option. In many cases, agencies can cover pregnancy-related expenses within reason. Schedule your free and confidential appointment today.

We are not connected with any adoption agency and never profit from your decision.